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I'm so excited for you!

My name is Dr Tuesday Watts-Overall and I am a birth and postpartum coach. I am also a mum of two, with another on the way! Something I know for sure is that the experiences you are about to have in birth and life afterwards have the potential to change everything for you. The joy, the growth, the love, the opportunity for learning more about what makes you who you are as a person - you are currently standing at the foot of it all and I'm so excited for you.


My mission is really quite a simple one and that is to normalise birth and the range of possible experiences in life afterwards. That means helping people understand birth as far more than the medical event we’ve come to know it as. Supporting them as they get to know birth better and learn to appreciate it as something that they get to experience rather than have to endure. In my work I also help people navigate the ups and downs of life after birth. This means accepting that we might not enjoy every moment like we’re told to and understanding that it’s ok to still want difficult experiences to pass, even when we’re constantly reminded how fast it all goes. This is my life’s work, but it is so much bigger than me, you and the current generation. The work I do is also for my children and generations to come. I want them to grow up seeing birth as a perfectly normal event that they may one day get to experience. And if they do, I want them to know that whatever life looks like on the other side and however they feel about it all, is completely valid. So, whether you're preparing for birth or navigating life afterwards - I'm ready to meet you wherever you're are on your journey. Tell me what you need, by clicking one of the buttons below, and I'll tell you how I can support you.

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